About Me

We made a long trip to start our little homestead. My name is Brenda, I’m also “Mom”, and some of my favorite people call me “Mimi”.

I absolutely love living in the country. My life didn’t start out this way since I grew up in the city. But getting used to the big changes took some time, however, I think I’ve adjusted well. My husband, my kids and their kids are very important to me. That’s why we moved our family 1200 miles from my home. We grow our garden and preserve our food. We built our house almost entirely on our own. So, I guess you could say we were homesteading before today’s generation made it popular.😎

How I live a simple life

I have so many stories about my life that I decided to tell you some of them. Maybe I can share some things I’ve learned over the years. I’d like to share things about cooking, canning, gardening and so much more! We live a simple, old fashioned life here. So, if that’s what you would like to try, then please join me for some tips and tricks.

My life with my grandkids

I take care of 3 out of 4 of my grandkids everyday while their parents go to work. That’s probably not unusual to you because I know there are many grandparents who do. But I also help homeschool 3 of these wild little creatures. I’m hoping to meet other parents-of-parents that are helping educate the little ones. Sometimes these days are a real challenge but I have a lot of fun with them!

Grab a cup of coffee (my favorite) or tea, with me and relax a bit.

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  1. Marcy Gignilliat

    I love your mission! Family ❤️ Is important to me too…. bring a grandma is the coolest thing I’ve ever done and makes me so happy! You’d children are blessed to have your help !

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